Enterprise Investment Scheme

The EIS helps smaller trading companies to raise finance through a range of tax breaks.

2013/14 Tax Returns

Happy new year to you all, where has 2013 gone? It is that time of year again where all tax returns MUST be submitted to HM Revenue & Customs by 31 January 2014 or a penalty of £100 will be charged, regardless of whether any tax is due or not!

Please contact us now to ensure that your personal tax affairs are up to date and that your tax return can be submitted prior to the deadline.

Considering Contracting or Freelance Contracting?

If you are contracting via an agency, there are really only two options to consider when undertaking contracting work as the majority of agencies will not allow you to contract with them as a sole trader. These are either setting up your own company or using an Umbrella company to operate the contract. We can provide advice and guidance on using your own company; however, if you have looked at the options and prefer to use an Umbrella company, then details of the providers offering these service

Real Time Information – major changes ahead for payroll

There are significant changes to the way payroll information will need to be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) planned.

The new system of Real Time Information (RTI) is mandatory for all employers and is to be implemented from April 2013.

Property refurbishments and maximising tax relief

Are you setting up a new business or opening a new store/warehouse? Are you expecting tax relief on the full costs of the refurbishmen?

If you are this may not be the case; the rules in relation to whether the expenditure qualifies for tax relief are complex and depend upon a variety of factors, which have been the subject of many tax cases down the years.

It is important to review the plans for the refurbishment at an early stage and obtain a detailed quotation which breaks down the costs