Audit Compliance


In the past, audits have been regarded as a ‘necessary evil’ by many. However, our experienced audit team strives to add real value to your business and its processes.

Many businesses are required to have their financial statements audited, whether due to their size, a shareholder request or for other regulatory purposes. Others voluntarily opt to have an audit for their own purposes, which could include:

  • Identifying problem areas
  • Identifying possible improvements in internal systems
  • Adding credibility to their accounts
  • Improving shareholder confidence

At Essex Abel, we offer a comprehensive audit service for a variety of sectors including software, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail business, as well as specialist sectors, such as pension funds.

Our audit team will work with you to ensure it fully understands your business enabling the audit to be tailored to your business, ensuring that it takes up minimal time of your management and employees to reduce any disruption to your business, whilst providing you with assurance required.

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