Legacy planning – Using your wealth to help a charity in your Will

Event overview

In this webinar a panel of experts discuss how working together as a team they can help you organise your wealth to ensure you enjoy your retirement years, leave your family a financial gift and leave a donation to charity in your Will, if that’s what you’d like to do.

Legacy planning

Ian Phillips, Independent Financial Adviser, Ascot Lloyd and Jason Oram, Managing Director at Essex Abel Accountancy, discuss how they approach legacy planning with clients. By understanding who you want to leave your money to and who will benefit is a great starting point to any financial planning. But as more people are wanting to leave to charity, it’s vital to take advice on how to structure your estate and understand which assets are accountable for inheritance tax. Passing on of wealth needs to be well considered and planned and your Will is important to ensuring your wishes are followed through to best effect.

Updating your Will

Maria Cooper, Managing Associate at Freeths Solicitors explains that since the pandemic they have seen an increase in people wanting to update their Wills to include donations to charities that they have benefitted from. It’s important to get advice on how to amend your Will to ensure the benefit the charity as you want it to.

Legacy donations helping charity

Erin McDaid Head of Communications & Marketing at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust explains why gifts in Wills are very important to charities. Legacy donations give charities the flexibility to manage budgets, Erin goes on to explain why it’s important to connect with your intended charity and have a discussion on how best to implement your valued donation for maximum benefit for you and the charity.

When will the webinar take place?

The webinar will take place via Zoom on Thursday 25th November at 18:00 and will last around 15 minutes. Registration is free to anyone who would like to attend.

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