Additional Services provided by Essex Abel

Protecting and advising your business

Many of the clients of Essex Abel Ltd are very pleased to use two additional services Croner services provided through Essex Abel.

Croner-i Taxwise-protect service

Tax Investigation Service – Croner Taxwise

This is a paid for service providing professional representation and is backed by an insurance policy that provides up to £100,000 of professional fees.

The service is aimed to protect you and your business from risk. Specifically:

  1. Reduce the time you have to commit when subject to an HMRC Investigation
  2. Lessen the stress caused by such an investigation
  3. Minimise/remove the additional accounting fees you would face if investigated
Croner-i My Business Hub service

My Business Hub – Croner MBH

If you already benefit from Taxwise then My Business Hub is a FREE service providing you and your business with a digital toolkit in the realms of HR, Legal and Safety including:

  • Employment contracts, absence, and flexible working
  • Company and consumer law, business insurance, and legal contracts
  • Health & safety policy, working from home, fire safety, and stress in
    the workplace
  • Full telephone access to the UK’s leading advisors

If you are interested in hearing more about these additional services please speak to your Essex Abel contact or complete the contact us form.